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Datacrons are cube shaped devices that are hidden across the galaxy. To reward players who enjoy exploration each datacron gives a reward. The reward is server wide, meaning that once one character on a sever receives a reward from a datacron, all other characters on that same server receive the same reward. While the reward from each datacron may seem small, the boost from collecting all datacrons is considerable.

Finding a datacron can be fairly simple on most worlds despite many of them being well hidden. The difficult task is getting to the datacron. Many locations require finding hidden paths or jumping on small creates to get to the reward. Our librarians have included a datacron list with a video guide for each datacron. Use the filter to help you find the datacron you are looking for.

NameRewardAllegianceStart CoordinatesEnding CoordinatesLocation
Datacron 01: The ArchitectsMastery +2Empire-178 by 932-95 by 862Hutta
Datacron 02: Ancient CivilizationsPresence +2Empire492 by -10650 by -109Hutta
Datacron 03: Battalions of ZhellBlue Matrix ShardEmpire-16 by 236-12 by 322Hutta
Datacron 09: The Force WarsEndurance +2Republic-59 by 49-34 by -101Tython
Datacron 10: The Tion ClusterMastery +2Republic-477 by 3-543 by -70Tython
Datacron 11: The Tionese Face the hutt EmpireBlue Matrix ShardRepublic-73 by 825-91 by 921Tython
Datacron 15: MandaloreEndurance +2Empire167 by 133152 by 79Korriban
Datacron 16: The Alsakan ConflictsMastery +2Empire389 by 220528 by 64Korriban
Datacron 17: The Duinuogwuin ContentionRed Matrix ShardEmpire35 by 283-53 by 378Korriban