Planets and Locations of Interest

Here is a list of location within the Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic. Most of these locations you can visit in SWTOR. You will not be able to visit these worlds until you have a ship. Continue through your story and your journey will take you to each one. Note that some locations have a Republic or Empire version. You will not cross members of the opposing faction at these locations since they are either Republic or Empire only version of the same world. Use the filter and sort feature to help you find what you are looking for.

Alderaan28 - 34NeutralDeep Core
Balmorra (Empire)16 - 22EmpireColonies Region
Balmorra (Republic)32 - 38RepublicColonies Region
Belsavis41 - 46NeutralOuter Rim
Corellia47 - 50NeutralDeep Core
Coruscant10 - 18RepublicDeep Core
CZ-19855NeutralUnknown Regions
Darvannis65NeutralHutt Space
Dromund Kaas10 - 18EmpireSeat of the Empire
Hoth37 - 43NeutralOuter Rim
Hutta1 - 12EmpireHutt Space
Ilum50 - 52NeutralUnknown Regions
Iokath65 - 70BothWild Space
Korriban1 - 12EmpireSeat of the Empire
Makeb50 - 55BothHutt Space
Manaan55BothInner Rim
Nar Shaddaa20 - 26NeutralHutt Space
Obessen65BothWild Space
Ord Mantell1 - 12RepublicMid Rim
Oricon55BothUnknown Regions
Quesh36 - 39NeutralHutt Space
Rishi55 - 60BothOuter Rim
Taris (Empire)32 - 38EmpireSeat of the Empire
Taris (Republic)16 - 22RepublicSeat of the Empire
Tatooine24 - 30NeutralOuter Rim
Tython1 - 12RepublicDeep Core
Voss44 - 49NeutralOuter Rim
Yavin 458 - 60BothSeat of the Empire
Zakuul60 - 65BothWild Space
Ziost60BothSeat of the Empire