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Jedi Library

Star Wars News

Streaming from all corners of the galaxy and some sources truly out of the ordinary. All news regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic can be found here. You can also ask our droids to search our database for you.

Star Wars News


Korriban Temple

Discover the Library

Our collection focuses on a period of galactic history knows as The Old Republic. Much of the galaxy was in chaos. To help understand important locations, people, equipment, and the galaxy in general, you can use the search or browse using the different categories below.
  • Locations

    Every faint light in the night sky is a source of knowledge and power.

  • Equipment

    From robes to blasters, it’s not enough to know what to look for, but also where to find it.

  • Creatures

    They are dangerous, but not as much as the ones with guns.

  • People

    Learn their strengths by talking to their enemies, learn their secrets by talking to their friends.

  • Races

    Heritage gives us a strong foundation in which to begin our journey.

  • History

    It’s good to learn about the past as to not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Discover the Libary


Guides to your Adventure

We try to provide the best step by step documentation on any topic you have questions on. Whether you are trying to finish a mission, looking for that last datacron, or tips on how to play your class we have examples and video walkthroughs to help you. You can try our search area or look under one of the topic below.
  • Datacrons

    Before you start looking for something, make sure you don't already have it.

  • Missions

    What point would there be to living if we were not tasked to blow something up from time to time.

  • Companions

    Friends and colleague, we never seem to miss them until they are gone.

  • Flashpoints

    The best stories are the ones we experience with our friends while fighting our enemies.

  • Factions

    Earning ones respect from our friends or enemies cost the same type of currency, time.

  • Professions

    Blood, sweat, and tears. Still the best way to make credits.

  • Classes

    Learning what we are fighting for is just as important as how to fight and what to fight with.

  • Achievements

    Sometimes the best goals are not ones we set for ourselves, but ones set by others.

Guides to your Adventure

Republic Fleet

Stories that shaped the Galaxy

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