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SWTOR Datacrons


Scattered across the galaxy, datacrons filled with knowledge are waiting to be discovered. With the discovery of each cube, ones power will increase.

SWTOR Companions


As friends and allies, or in some cases slaves, companions fight at your side and are one of the most significant parts of ones adventure in SWTOR.

SWTOR Professions


Building and crafting things involves searching, gathering, and a tremendous amount of patience. A profession can be very rewarding, and profitable.

SWTOR Classes


How we fight is just as important as what we fight with. Learn all the different ways one can defend themselves (or strike down others) in the Galaxy.

SWTOR Missions


To locate, destroy, find, retrieve, or save any number of things, missions can be as frustrating as they are rewarding. Let us help you complete your task.

SWTOR Flashpoints


Some adventures may need more than one hero to be successful. Search our database for useful tactics when facing these more difficult encounters.

SWTOR Factions


Trust can be very difficult to obtain, and most factions will give it away sparingly. However, with determination and hard work the galaxy will adore (or fear) you.

SWTOR Achievements


Milestones can be enjoyable to reach but painful if you fall short. While achievements are important for some, never loose site of the goal to have fun.