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Datacron 15: Mandalore

This Datacron is known as Galactic History 15: Mandalore. It is one of three Korriban Datacrons and one of the easiest to locate and acquire. Since it is only 10 seconds away from the shuttle pad and no jumping is required the total time to obtain this datacron should be less then 30 seconds.

Galactic History 15: Mandalore

Quick Facts

  • Reward: Endurance +2
  • Allegiance: Sith Empire
  • Starting Coordinates: 167, 133
  • Ending Coorinates: 152, 79
  • Location: Korriban


This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

The gray-skinned Taung species, which clashed with humans long before the formation of the Republic, had lost none of its fearsome reputation over the years. The Taung revered conflict in all forms, relishing the chance to test themselves against powerful enemies.

While the young Republic continued to expand, the Taung also sought out and colonized many worlds. Eventually they discovered an Outer Rim planet populated by enormous, vicious beasts called mythosaurs. The Taung took the world for their own, calling it Mandalore after their leader, Mandalore the First. The mythosaurs presented little challenge to the powerful Taung; in time, mythosaur bones were used to build Mandalore’s first cities.