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Our collection focuses on a period of galactic history knows as The Old Republic. Much of the galaxy was in chaos. To help understand important locations, people, equipment, and the galaxy in general, you can use the search or browse using the different categories below.

SWTOR Locations


The galaxy is filled with exotic and dangerous locations. Some are well known worlds of the core systems. Others are just small ships hiding in the outer rim.

SWTOR Creatures


Life in the known galaxy is both exotic and beautiful. The amount of different beings, beasts, insects, and organisms seems almost endless.



It is to ones advantage to be familiar with each sentient being in the galaxy. To appreciate their history, their culture, and find ways to help them. Or perhaps exploit them.

SWTOR Equipment


Once you know something exists, sometimes it begins a hunger that is not satisfied until you find it. We have details on weapons, armor, datapads, and other strange objects.

SWTOR People


From impotent individuals commanding a starship to insignificant aliens working the cantina, they all play a part in ones adventure.

SWTOR History


As one of the greatest teachers, history should never be forgotten. Especially points in time were mistakes were made.