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Life can be found in every corner of the galaxy. Here is a list of them within the Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic. Some you can only locate if you are playing a cretin faction or even a cretin class. Others you will find in multiple places as they tend to travel the stars as you do. Lastly some characters will be in different places based on an event in progress for the week. Take note that while you exploring the universe some people just don't want to be found. That being said, use the filter and sort feature to help you find who you are looking for.

NameLevelSkillTypeHit PointsRepublicEmpireLocation
K'lor'slug Broodling1WeakCreature35     NA      Hostile Korriban
K'lor'slug Broodwatcher1StrongCreature245     NA      Hostile Korriban
K'lor'slug Burrower1NormalBurrower90     NA      Hostile Korriban
K'lor'slug Forager1NormalCreature90     NA      Hostile Korriban
Spindrall's Acolyte1NormalSlasher80     NA      Hostile Korriban
Tomb Looter Thug1NormalBurstfire75     NA      Hostile Korriban
Tomb Looter Sentry2NormalRanged100     NA      Hostile Korriban
K'lor'slug Broodling2WeakCreature40     NA      Hostile Korriban
K'lor'slug Broodwatcher2StrongCreature280     NA      Hostile Korriban
K'lor'slug Burrower2NormalBurrower105     NA      Hostile Korriban
K'lor'slug Crippler2NormalCreature105     NA      Hostile Korriban
K'lor'slug Hatchling2WeakSwarmer40     NA      Hostile Korriban
Spindrall Acolyte2NormalDark Adept90     NA      Hostile Korriban
Spindrall's Acolyte2NormalSlasher90     NA      Hostile Korriban
Tomb Looter Brute2StrongHeavy Brawler290     NA      Hostile Korriban
Tomb Looter Guard2StrongHeavy Gunner290     NA      Hostile Korriban
Tomb Looter Scout2NormalRanged100     NA      Hostile Korriban
Tomb Looter Thug2NormalBurstfire90     NA      Hostile Korriban
Acolyte Initiate3StrongMelee315     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Ancient Droid3NormalDroid110     NA      Hostile Korriban
Ancient Sentry3WeakDroid40     NA      Hostile Korriban
Exhausted Slave3NormalMelee115     NA     FriendlyKorriban
K'lor'slug Crippler3NormalCreature115     NA      Hostile Korriban
K'lor'slug Hatchling3WeakSwarmer45     NA      Hostile Korriban
Raging Tuk'ata3StrongShredder315     NA      Hostile Korriban
Spitting Tuk'ata3WeakCreature40     NA      Hostile Korriban
Tomb Looter Brute3StrongHeavy Brawler330     NA      Hostile Korriban
Tomb Looter Scout3NormalRanged110     NA      Hostile Korriban
Wild Tuk'ata3NormalCreature105     NA      Hostile Korriban
Berserk Trooper4NormalRanged125     NA      Hostile Korriban
Crazed Academy Guard4NormalMelee130     NA      Hostile Korriban
Injured Trooper4WeakRanged50     NA      Hostile Korriban
Paranoid Lookout4NormalScout110     NA      Hostile Korriban
Psychotic Officer4StrongPatriot335     NA      Hostile Korriban
Raging Tuk'ata4StrongShredder355     NA      Hostile Korriban
Spitting Tuk'ata4WeakCreature45     NA      Hostile Korriban
Wild Tuk'ata4NormalCreature115     NA      Hostile Korriban
Berserk Trooper5NormalRanged140     NA      Hostile Korriban
Failed Acolyte5NormalRanged140     NA      Hostile Korriban
Injured Trooper5WeakRanged55     NA      Hostile Korriban
Paranoid Lookout5NormalScout125     NA      Hostile Korriban
Psychotic Officer5StrongPatriot375     NA      Hostile Korriban
Banished Warrior6StrongWarder460     NA      Hostile Korriban
Failed Acolyte6NormalRanged155     NA      Hostile Korriban
The Beast of Marka Ragnos6EliteBrute915     NA      Hostile Korriban
Imperial Trooper8NormalRanged225     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Dark Honor Guard10StrongMelee1150     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Probe Droid10NormalDroid390     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Vigilant Sentry10StrongTank1190     NA     FriendlyKorriban