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With a perfect balance of industry and nature, Corellia is just as impressive from space as it is on the surface. Besides being the hub for numerous corporate enterprise Corellia is also the birthplace of many Republic economic, political, and military leaders. However, with high influential leaders comes espionage and back door diplomacy, which seems to have increased since the Treaty of Coruscant. Recently communication between Corellia and the Republic have recently been shut down and visiting the world has been extremely dangerous.


Quick Facts

  • Leveling Range: 47 - 50
  • Allegiance: Neutral
  • First Available: SWTOR Launch
  • Stronghold: None
  • Galaxy Location: Core Worlds


Corellia may have been placed in its orbital position in the Corellian system by an ancient device known as Centerpoint Station. How the native Humans arrived on the plant predated its recorded history. However, Corellia eventually became a slave world of the Infinite Empire. Humans slaves on Corellian helped build the Star Forge. When their Rakata masters fell victim to a plague, the Corellians was able to free themselves.

Corellians spent the next 200 years reverse engineering the hyperdrive without the Force tools of the Rakata. Not long after they were able to travel to other nearby systems such as Coruscant and Duro. With more improvement to the hyperdrive technology Corellia and other Core Worlds become the Core Founders of the Galactic Republic.

To this day Corellia is a model of how efficient industry can blended with environmental aesthetics. Determined to maintain their world’s beauty and individuality, Corellians protected large swaths of parkland in the city’s heart. Underneath this sophisticated disguise though, an atmosphere of corruption lies just beneath the surface. Corporate influence has always driven Corellian political policy, and most Corellians accept this as fair bargain for the freedoms and economic prosperity it affords.

Despite their appreciation for a lax legal system, Corellians are known to be staunchly loyal to the Republic. This is why recent rumors of Imperial influence in the local government went largely ignored until now. Nothing has been confirmed by reliable sources, but official lines of communication between Corellia and the Republic have recently been suddenly and mysteriously shut down.

Holo-video and images from Corellia show widespread destruction in Coronet city, and though an act of terrorism has not been ruled out, some fear the situation may be more serious. However dire circumstances are, though, the rugged and resilient spirit of the Corellian people is sure to have survived, and rest-assured, the Republic will stop at nothing to protect this planet that is so critical to the Republic’s infrastructure and its culture.






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