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This toxic, contaminant slag of a planet is the new home world of the Hutts. Nal Hutta, or simply Hutta as the underworld has coined its name, is safe haven for any crime lord or smugger that does not have a price on their head. It is a disgusting and dangerous place to visit and an unthinkable place to live. Every local inhabitant is either a slave or trying to scrap up enough credits to deport off this rock. The Hutts are law on this world.

Nal Hutta

Quick Facts

  • Leveling Range: 1 to 12
  • Allegiance: Empire Only
  • First Available: SWTOR Launch
  • Stronghold: None
  • Galaxy Location: Hutt Space


The Hutts are not native to Hutta. Before the Hutts the planet was called Evocar and was home to the Evocii. The Evocii are a relatively primitive race that is easy to manipulate. Over time with deals and contracts the Hutts started to take ownership of the land. With continued business deals they traded their technology with Evocii for even more portions of land. These bad deals with the Hutts would eventually cost the Evocii their home world.


Following the destruction of the Hutt home world of Varl, the Hutts collaborated with Vippit lawyers from Alee in buying out the planet from the Evocii, regarding it as a suitable new home. Using both legal and violent measures, the Hutts established themselves as the rulers of the planet and renamed it Nal Hutta. It is now the capital of Hutt Space and home to most of the Hutt families. Hutt palaces and industrial parks are built all over Hutta, and the Evocii can do nothing about it. The Hutts destroyed the planet's lush mountainous rainforests, terraforming the planet into what they considered paradise.


Many of the Evocii were eventually evicted by the Hutts, and relocated to the planet's fifth moon, which would later be known as Nar Shaddaa, the Smugglers' Moon. The Hutts then destroyed the remaining Evocii agriculture, turning the forests into swamps. Most of the Evocii who remained on Nal Hutta were enslaved to build the cities of Nal Hutta.

Today Hutt Space is ruled by greed, and Hutta is the result of that greed. Visiting the plant one can see the chaos that follows. Even the most skilled bounty hunters are hesitant to visit Hutta for the risk of the unknown. But with greater risk comes greater reward.

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Datacrons on Hutta

NameRewardAllegianceStart CoordinatesEnding CoordinatesLocation
Datacron 01Mastery +2Empire-178 by 932-95 by 862Hutta
Datacron 02Presence +2Empire492 by -10650 by -109Hutta
Datacron 03Blue Matrix ShardEmpire-16 by 236-12 by 322Hutta

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