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Located in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, Ilum is a dark arctic world orbiting far from its star. The entire surface of the planet is covered in ice and snow. Hidden beneath Ilum's frigid surface is a vast network of naturally occurring crystal caves. The gems found within these caves are not ordinary crystals but kyber crystals, powerful sources of energy most commonly used to power lightsabers. Despite the dangerous environment many Jedi travel here to complete their rite of passage. With the Sith Empire discovering the world, Ilum has become a war zone where Jedi and Sith fight each other for these precious resources, and they both battle the elements to survive.


Quick Facts

  • Leveling Range: 50 to 52
  • Allegiance: Sith Empire
  • First Available: SWTOR Launch
  • Stronghold: None
  • Galaxy Location: Seat of the Empire


The first to discover Ilum’s potential were the Jedi. The planet’s wealth of subterranean Adegan crystals proved to be perfectly attuned for use in Lightsabers, and Jedi began undertaking pilgrimages to Ilum to forge their legendary weapons. Dangerous and far from civilization, many Jedi lost their lives to Ilum’s bizarre beasts and brutal climate.

Over the years, the Order established small enclaves and discreet Temples to provide shelter for Jedi who made the long journey. Ilum became a rite of passage for powerful Jedi constructing new Lightsabers and a safe harbor for respected Jedi Masters seeking a quiet place for intense meditation.

Recently, however, the peace on Ilum was shattered. Inexplicably, the Sith Empire learned of the planet’s location and attacked with a mighty force of shock troops and Sith, slaughtering the small group of Jedi on the planet and leaving their sanctuaries in ruins. Though the Order was devastated to lose control of this sacred space, Republic resources have been spread too thin to mount a counter-attack.

Recent intelligence, however, has suggested that the Sith’s interest in Ilum extends far beyond simply harvesting Lightsaber crystals. Watching the Empire devote so many resources to operations on this remote world, Republic leaders and members of the Jedi Council have begun to question whether they might have surrendered a resource of far greater value than anyone ever imagined.

As place where Jedi initiates harvested their crystals by attuning themselves to the Force, anyone trying to make the long journey to Ilum should be prepared to confront dangers well beyond the unknown. Add the dangers of the Sith and Jedi conflict and your odds of returning from this world is next to none.






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