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Nar Shaddaa

If you can imagine a world were any and every criminal activity takes place, Nar Shaddaa would be that world. Actually a moon Nar Shaddaa is a place with no limits. Its surface is completely covered with sky scrapers filled with weapons labs, casinos, and slave pens. Run by the Hutt Cartel, Nar Shaddaa is truly a Smuggler’s Moon. A place where anything goes, the excitement never ends, and the party never dies.

Nar Shaddaa

Quick Facts

  • Leveling Range: 20 to 26
  • Allegiance: Neutral
  • First Available: SWTOR Launch
  • Stronghold: Yes
  • Galaxy Location: Hutt Space


In the distant past, before becoming the Hutts’ showcase, Nar Shaddaa was used as a refugee camp for Evocii driven from Hutta. The Hutts used the surplus of despite Evocii to their advantage and had them build up the infrastructure on the small moon. Soon refugees from other worlds were traveling to Nar Shaddaa looking for work. By the Jedi Civil War the moon was swarming with refugees. Since the moon was run by the Hutts, criminal activity was encouraged so long as it made them more credits.

Eventually the refugees became either slaves for the rising number of street gangs or test subjects for covert science labs. As more organized crime continued to flourish it was not long before Nar Shaddaa had one of the largest black markets in the galaxy.

More recently, when the Great War began, it brought ruin to many star systems, but to Nar Shaddaa, it brought only more profit. While other systems were offering allegiance to the Empire or to the Republic, the Hutts controlling Nar Shaddaa realized they could increased profits by dealing with both sides. This delicate balancing act has increased the risk of doing business, but it hasn’t deterred competition. The Exchange and the Hutt Cartel have engaged in a winner-takes-all crime war that spans the galaxy but centers on the tiny moon of Nar Shaddaa.

Today the small moon is home to Casinos, Weapons Factories, Slave Pens, and any other activity that increases the Hutt families’ power. There is a lot of credits to be made at Nar Shaddaa, if you play your cards right.

Nar Shaddaa
Nar Shaddaa