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Ord Mantell

A home for soldiers and refugees, Ord Mantell is no stranger to war. Orbiting the Bright Jewel, a blue star located in the Bright Jewel system, the world was once a paradise with its mountainous plains and volcanic islands. Today the planet is in a civil war being fought over between the local government and separatist forces. Brave men and women are in dire need on this world, but if one plays their cards right they could make a hefty profit here.

Ord Mantell

Quick Facts

  • Leveling Range: 1 to 12
  • Allegiance: Galactic Republic
  • First Available: SWTOR Launch
  • Stronghold: None
  • Galaxy Location: Mid Rim


Once a longstanding member of the Galactic Republic, Ord Mantell is a world of deep seas, tall mountains and lush islands. It was settled about 9,000 years ago by the Corellian colonists as an advanced military outpost for the Galactic Republic. It was one of several Ordnance Depots, lending to its 'Ord' name. The settlers became mostly farmers. Over time, more wealthy planets and better hyperspace routes diminished Ord Mantell's strategic importance, and it became something of a free port for all manner of freighters and cargo ships.

Despite the planet's diminishing stature, it remained a popular stop for traveling ships and a haven for smugglers, pirates, and bounty hunters. Traders and merchants from across the galaxy would visit and sell their wares in Mantellian ports, along with black merchants and other underworld forces.

After the Treaty of Coruscant Ord Mantell's government decided to stay a member of the Galactic Republic. Feeling that the Republic betrayed them, a separatist movement started a war campaign to drive the Republic military off the planet, attacking both military and civilian targets.

Recently on Ord Mantell the anti-government separatists encourage Mantellian independence. The Republic is responding with military force, and the fighting has resulted in high numbers of civilian casualties. Shuttle traffic is currently directed to the island of Avilatan as the separatists seem to be growing in numbers and gain access to more sophisticated weapons.

Ord Mantell





NameRewardAllegianceStart CoordinatesEnding CoordinatesLocation
Datacron 09Endurance +2Republic-59 by 49-34 by -101Tython
Datacron 10Mastery +2Republic-477 by 3-543 by -70Tython
Datacron 11Blue Matrix ShardRepublic-73 by 825-91 by 921Tython