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Taris (Republic)

Please Note: In SWTOR, there is a Republic version and an Empire version of this world. They are different zones and have different guides to match. This artical is the Republic version. If you are looking for the Empire version click here.

Once a planetary metropolis, Taris is now just twisted metal and overgrown junk piles. After losing many worlds to the Empire and the unfavorable terms of the Treaty of Corusant, the Republic has decided to recolonize Taris. Not only would the Republic gain a new world, but Taris would be a success story that would bring hope to the rest of the Galaxy. It will not be easy. Not only do they have to clear wreckage and fight untamed wildlife, the Empire has secretly been undermining their efforts. What’s worse is a disease known as the Rakghoul plague, a threat that could affect the whole galaxy.


Quick Facts

  • Leveling Range: 16 to 22
  • Allegiance: Galactic Republic
  • First Available: SWTOR Launch
  • Stronghold: None
  • Galaxy Location: Outer Rim


Taris started as most settlements do. Being an inhabitable world near a major hyperspace lane it was colonized by humans. Since a large portion of the surface is covered in oceans it was not long before the landmass of the plant was completely developed. As the population continued to grow another city was built on top of the first city. The city continued to build up as the hyperspace lane continued to be popular and Taris remained a major galactic hub in the Outer Rim. Eventually it became an ecumenopolis, with all landmasses eclipsed with a world-spanning city.

At the height of the Jedi Civil War Darth Malak bombard the entire planet from orbit. Taris has never be the same. The weekend Republic could not send any help to the world. The only things left where twisted metal and a very dangerous Rakghoul plague. Any survivors would have been on their own for hundreds of years.

Today, over 300 years after the bombardment, the Republic has taken up the task of recolonizing Taris. While there is new hope for this planet, there are many that would like nothing more than see the Republic’s rebuild effort fail. Will the Sith obliterate their effects or can the Republic return this world back to a promised land?

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