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While considered habitable, the extreme high temperatures from the twin suns and harsh desert terrain make visiting Tatooine very dangerous. Add a run in with the native Tusken Raiders and you could end up lost in the Dune Sea never to be seen again. Smugglers and pirates are the most common patrons of this desolate world do to its remote location. Tatooine is a good place to go if you want to get lost.


Quick Facts

  • Leveling Range: 24 to 30
  • Allegiance: Neutral
  • First Available: Patch 1.0 (Classic SWTOR)
  • Stronghold: Yes
  • Galaxy Location: Outer Rim


Very little is known about the history of this world and its many inhabitants. Tatooine is homeworld to the native Jawa and Tusken Raider species. Now just endless sand, the world was eventually colonized by early settlers. As a result of many unsuccessful colonization ventures, the planet found itself a haven for smugglers and criminal activity. While scattered, isolated settlements of hard working inhabitants attempted to earn a living in the desert. At some point in Tatooine’s history a mining boom saw the widespread use of sandcrawlers on the desert plains in an effort to mine valuable minerals out of the planet.

After it was discovered that most valuable minerals had unwanted properties, the sandcrawlers were abandoned and eventually picked up by the native Jawas for use as mobile bases and shelter. After countless centuries very few cities have spring up out of the desert. The only other form of housing are scattered moisture farms from colonists who decided to stay rather than leave the system.

The twin suns make it very difficult to find shelter on this world. Visitors and locals alike must constantly watch their backs. If you do plan to visit Tatooine, bring lots of water and a blaster.