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The Galaxy is made up of some very interesting people. Here is a list of them within the Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic. Some you can only locate if you are playing a cretin faction or even a cretin class. Others you will find in multiple places as they tend to travel the stars as you do. Lastly some characters will be in different places based on an event in progress for the week. Take note that while you exploring the universe some people just don't want to be found. That being said, use the filter and sort feature to help you find who you are looking for.

NameLevelSkillTypeHit PointsRepublicEmpireLocation
Acolyte Nataya2NormalMelee105     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Brehg2NormalMelee105     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Devotek2StrongMelee280     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Acolyte Kehel3NormalMelee115     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Apprentice Telo3NormalMelee115     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Solentz3StrongMelee315     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Acolyte Krevan5NormalMelee145     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Alif7NormalMelee185     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Assistant Overseer Loun7EliteMelee1075     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Assistant Overseer Markan7EliteMelee1075     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Eskella7StrongReaver510     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Overseer Tremel7EliteSlasher1020     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Sergeant Cormun8StrongRanged605     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Private Cote9NormalMelee335     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Private Xanta9NormalVendor320     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Sergeant Varless9NormalMelee335     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Apprentice Malora10StrongMelee1150     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Elizhis10StrongMelee1150     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Field Research Area Skyhopper10NormalVendor405     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Gesen10EliteTrainer2505     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Inquisitor Zyn10EliteRanged2505     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Jailer Knash10EliteMelee2505     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Lieutenant Devron10StrongRanged1090     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Lower Wilds Skyhooper10NormalVendor405     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Medic Orailus10NormalMelee430     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Nareen10NormalVendor405     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Overseer Harkun10StrongMelee1150     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Sergeant Garus10StrongRanged1090     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Sergeant Resik10NormalVendor405     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Sergeant Rikel10StrongRanged1090     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Sith Academy Skyhoopper10NormalVendor405     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Stavas10NormalVendor405     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Veshta10EliteTrainer2505     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Imperial Medical Droid10NormalVendor405     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Inquisitor Arzanon12EliteRanged2985     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Lord Renning12EliteMelee2985     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Lord Varacen12EliteMelee2985     NA     FriendlyKorriban
Spindrall12EliteRanged2985     NA     FriendlyKorriban