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The galaxy and its billions of star systems is home to countless life forms. While the level of intelligence for a species to be considered sentient is debatable, below is a near complete list of all know races in the universe. The first section lists all the races available to choose from when creating a character in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The second section is a list of all races you could encounter while playing Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Playable Races

The races available is dependent on which class you pick for your character. Some races are available immediately while others require to be unlocked in the legacy system or purchased from the cartel market. View each race for a list of default classes available for that race. You can also view each class for a list of default races available for that class. Check out our guide on character classes for a list of classes.

Male and Female Cathar


This feline race takes great pride in their cultural history. However, few of them remain to carry on their traditions since the devastation of their homeworld.

Male and Female Sith


Descendants of the alien race that gave dark side of the force a name, the purebloods are almost all Force Sensitive and taught to use their emotions .

Male and Female Togruta


A tribal species originating from an ancient planet, the Togruta are mainly distinguished by their colorful montrals and distinctive facial patterns.

Male and Female Rattataki


Born in a culture of war, they never walk away from a fight. Rattataki's most notable features are the deep harsh tattoos on their face.

Male and Female Miraluka


Born without eyes, the Miraluka possess the unusual ability to see using the Force. This makes most of them a candidate for Jedi Training.

male and Female Cyborg


With such a large number of humans with cybernetic implants, they are their own race. Some compensate for injuries, others to enhance combat.

Male and Female Mirialan


The spiritual Mirialan people have a religion built around a basic concept of the Force. They tattoo designs on their face to celebrate life achievements.

Male and Female Chiss


A secretive people, the blue skinned Chiss are the only official allies of the Sith Empire. Their solid red eyes make them appear cold and lifeless.

Male and Female Twi'lek


Most forced into slavery, Twi'lek are identifiable by their colorful skin and long head tails. Skin color can very from yellow, green, blue, or even red.

Male and Female Human


One of the first races to travel the stars, Humans are by far the most common species in the galaxy. Their language of Basic is also the most common.

Male and Female Zabrak (Republic Space)

Zabrak (Republic Space)

Identifiable by their horns and facial tattoos, Zabraks have two different cultural groups. The ones in Republic Space have more of a tan and brown skin tone.

Male and Female Zabrak (Empire Space)

Zabrak (Empire Space)

Identifiable by their horns and facial tattoos, Zabraks have two different cultural groups. The ones in Empire Space have more of a red skin tone.