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Today Lead Game Producer Keith Kanneg posted his Roadmap for the next several months, and this summer the big focus seems to be on PvP. This will mean more cross faction grouping, a new Huttball Warzone, and Strongholds designed around PvP! For players more focused on other aspects of the game there are some things coming that are not PvP related as well. Read Keith's official post below.

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While the Mega sale might be over, Bioware has a new set of items on sale this week. This round it's all about the bundles. Log into Star Wars: The Old Republic to see it for yourself. Just remember the sale ends May 1th, 2018. The official post is below.

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Resurve your seat on the Millennium Falcon! Solo: A Star Wars Story movie tickets have just gone on sale. It's still looking great and we can't be more excited! Opening in theaters on Memorial Day weekend this movie will be taking us on an adventure into the dark criminal underworld.

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