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SWTOR Game Update 5.10 is now live! New story, new daily missions, guild improvements, and more. Watch the launch trailer and read Bioware's official post below or just log into Star Wars the Old Republic and start your adventure now.

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Hard to think that Star Wars the Old Republic is now 7 years running. As a special thank you to the players, Bioware is giving out some cool stuff. Read the official post below for more details.

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If you have fallen behind in the current story of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware just posted a good articel for you to catch up. Below is a good summery of everything that has happened up until now. The official post is below.

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Another day and another new set of daily specials. Bioware has more armor sets on sale but once again they are on the market for one day. Log into Star Wars: The Old Republic to see it for yourself all the items on sale. The official post is below.

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