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Bioware has some new information to share regarding the new Guild customizing tool. The Guild Heraldry is a new window the players can use to create a personalized banner with symbols, backgrounds, and the full hex code color spectrum. Check out the full post below.

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Star Wars Fans have been creating their own content for as long as there has been Star Wars movies. Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Fans are no exception. With the re-launch of the Content Creator Program Bioware will showcase people from the program, starting with Swtorista.

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For anyone who enjoys reading about how game design works and how building a world like Star Wars for games takes place, Bioware posted a nice article on some behind the sceen changes as well as some other updates coming soon. Check out the post below.

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Every day we move one day closer to the next Game Update. Bioware posted more information about Heralds of Victory and are asking for us to help test it. Below is their post with instructions on how to access the public test server and how to transfer your characters there.

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